At Indiana Casino & Poker Rentals we hire only the most professional and personable dealers. Gary, for example, is a seasoned casino professional, and has over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry. He spent several years as a Table Games Supervisor at the Grand Victoria Casino, where he managed over 24 table games and dealers. Whether he is dealing Craps, Poker, Blackjack or any other game, he is always having fun and making sure that your guests are having a great time!

The feedback from our guests has been absolutely glowing (in fact, I think this is one event that they'll be talking about for years!). People enjoyed all the games and were particularly appreciative of the dealers who taught our guests how to play. The staff was full of energy and humor and put everyone at ease right away. By the end of the night, people were cheering and laughing and throwing down big bets like pros. Susann, the host for the evening, did a fabulous job of handing out the money, taking pictures, joking with our guests, and passing out the raffle tickets. She really went above and beyond what I was expecting, and her assistance allowed me to enjoy the evening completely."

Alexandra Harrison, Jon-Don Inc.

Indiana Casino and Poker Rentals - Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker


Pai Gow is an American version of an ancient Chinese gambling game, an eastern variation of poker. Played with Chinese dominoes, the object of this exotic and thrilling game is to create both a five-card piker hand and a two-card hand at once out of the seven cards dealt. A game for the adventurous, Pai Gow is sure to add a unique flair to your next casino party. Our casino-grade Pai Gow tables are made of the highest quality woods and felts and our experienced dealers will ensure your guests have an exciting and enjoyable Pai Gow experience.

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